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Dr Axel Sauer

Dr. Axel Sauer - Consulting

... does act since June 2017 as GIZ/CIM IF, at National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT), Dushanbe, the Central Bank of Tajikistan.

Professional Experiences
state of May, 2017

Dr Axel Sauer, a former self-employed consultant

... conducts in 2003 seminars on risk management and regulatory compliance in lending for the employees of Eastern European commercial banks, managed by international financial institution experts (KfW, EBRD, ipc). These seminars play a vital role in providing the employees with the kinds of skills and information needed to ensure that their institutions are managing risks in a sound manner, and are operating in compliance with current international regulatory standards, in particular the “Basel Committee on Banking Supervision” (BCBS) recommendations and covenants of the Basel Capital Accord ("Basel II"). Dr Sauer joins Pro Credit Bank, Georgia in July 2004 as chief financial officer (CFO) with special responsibilities to manage risks out of foreign exchange transactions, interest rate change risk, liquidity and liability risks, by using OCT derivatives, issuing bonds, e. g. it was the bank`s first, and in Georgia second publicly offered commercial bank bond issue (IPO) listed at Tbilisi stock exchange.

Curriculum Vitae of Mr Dr Axel Sauer

Integrated expert of Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) and National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) chief specialist, at NBU’s Risk Management Department which acts as 2nd line of defense on NBU’s supervision, operational and reserve management objectives.


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